The Blind Eye

The other day I came across this wonderful post from Randeeep Hooda 

This post is widely shared and appreciated across that section of social media users who are neither right,left or center.

As much as Mr Hooda and people who associate themselves with this post have freedom to voice out their opinion.I have a contrarian view on this.

  • This thought process narrows down your outlook therby seeing things in a small bubble you have created.
  • Mr Hooda’s suggestion on staying away from social media is ironical considering he used couple of social media platforms to put across his point.
  • The view of not debating on issues, not raising issues realted to society makes citizens weak and people in power unaccountable.
  • Concept of giving a blind eye to issues concerning society has bought us to a stage where leaders are worshipped, and people who ask questions are trolled.

My friends, My family, My people approach is awesome if you live in an island where governments don’t exist, where no policy affects you.

We in this digital environment cannot and should not shy away from asking questions to The Government, Media, Opposition, Religious leaders and your circle of friends and family.

Let me know what you think about it