Weekly Ha Ha

This week had so many things to say to the world. This week was a reflection of how low society has stoop to. This week was a preview into future of world politics and Indian economy. In short this week was like living Navjot singh sidhu’s muhavra.

Didn’t understand? neither did I

This week there was, the Great American Elections, Modi’s ban on 500 and 1000 currency and Delhi pollution.

Well let’s start with the news which gives you the same feeling when you watch a horror comedy flick. The Great American Elections has just concluded, and what a result , what a candidate. America now has officially made a Troll as a president.

Trump signifies a section of society who shout down others views, Trump signifies a section of society which loves name calling and labeling a group of people for their point of view. Right now democracy is being mocked by communism, socialism. Democracy feels like a girl who is forced to get married with a rich old man.( Balika Vadu ? oh yes)

America as a stand-up comic I would like to thank you for a giving us a character to build our career on. In short YOU SCREWED IT!


Let’s move the second biggest news of this week , yes Demonetization or in lay man terms “ATM out of service.” Personally I feel he did it with an awesome intention with pathetic implementation. Standing in queue after 8 long years felt like renewing bus pass , bought me back to my roots. Mean while today Rahul Gandhi also stood in queue with Rs 4000, with Rs 100 notes, why ‘O’ why?

If Demonetization could solve the problem of Black money so be it,  but if doesn’t at least you learnt that money is temporary , if you have a lot right now please do transfer into my account.
For those who have lost a reasonable some of black money, I just want to say “Aj mey upar asma neeche , aj mey age zamana hai peeche.”

For first 2 days of this week major headlines on all the news channels were pollution levels in Delhi and then Trump and Demonetization side tracked this news.

Delhi Pollution also caused a big uproar on social media, with some blaming bursting crackers on Diwali for the smog, others defending bursting crackers on Diwali. Some blamed the farmers in Punjab, some blamed the old diesel cars in the city. Some blamed AAP, some blamed BJP and some blamed poor old Sheila Dixit. I felt like a student caught copying in an exam who blamed his friend who passed the chit.
All the Delhiites are seen wearing a mask, only people who can live in Delhi right now are




Yo! Muffler man

This week was eventful and surely will be remembered for the right and wrong reasons.
Next week promises to be a power packed, hope that everyone will find active ATM’s for your day-to-day needs.

Thank you for the read, look forward to entertain you with next Weekly Ha ha.