Why so much Pink!

Advertisers have over the years successfully used Women to sell almost everything, yes that also includes Men’s products as well from undergarments to deodorants.
It’s different with me because i neither use undergarments nor do the deodorants have any effect on my sex appeal.

On a serious note i believe advertisers have used women like catalyst, damn! (chemical engineer in me never keeps quite) what i meant is women are used like the product that they are selling to the audience.

Well you might ask what is wrong there? they make money, they are happy, isn’t it?

Here’s my personal experience..

Few months back i remember that i bought some new furniture’s , as soon as the package of furniture’s arrived home, neighborhood uncle who is ready to start a conversation came home. The usual questions did come up like price, need and where did i order these?

Answering to his question i told him that the furniture’s were from Bantia , immediately i could see a creepy smile in his face, his palms running over the furniture repeating “Bantia na nyc nyc.”


Immediately the pictures of Bantia furniture hoarding came to my mind.

Salla Thurkey!

Movie Pink throws light on women issues in country and we all know that there have already been thousands of movies in the country in almost all regional languages focusing on the importance of women rights.

Has it made a difference? sadly the answer is No

word press 4.jpg
Movie made on women rights had a Male lead image is bigger than the Female.

Because some women in the country have accepted the image society has portrayed them they are Good, Sweet, Homely, Pretty, Sexy.

What appalled me over the last few months is the Ad made on shauchalaya , even this Ad needed Vidya Balan, is women’s poop more important than man. Off course i believe that my morning poop carries utmost importance in my life.
Sorry for getting into details, but the point i want to drive home is.

Men and Women have together survived the dinosaurs, wars and sajid khan movies.
Both have unique sense of creativity, strength to survive difficult times and intellect to answer the toughest questions in life. We as a society need to reject brands which portray us incorrectly, parties which build vote bank on gender bias and people who see Men & Women with different spectacles.

Do let me know what you think about my article.


Author: Alphonso Comic

Stand-up Comic | Emcee | Employee at Big 4 firm

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