Weekly Ha Ha

This week had so many things to say to the world. This week was a reflection of how low society has stoop to. This week was a preview into future of world politics and Indian economy. In short this week was like living Navjot singh sidhu’s muhavra.


Didn’t understand? neither did I

This week there was, the Great American Elections, Modi’s ban on 500 and 1000 currency and Delhi pollution.

Well let’s start with the news which gives you the same feeling when you watch a horror comedy flick. The Great American Elections has just concluded, and what a result , what a candidate. America now has officially made a Troll as a president.

Trump signifies a section of society who shout down others views, Trump signifies a section of society which loves name calling and labeling a group of people for their point of view. Right now democracy is being mocked by communism, socialism. Democracy feels like a girl who is forced to get married with a rich old man.( Balika Vadu ? oh yes)

America as a stand-up comic I would like to thank you for a giving us a character to build our career on. In short YOU SCREWED IT!


Let’s move the second biggest news of this week , yes Demonetization or in lay man terms “ATM out of service.” Personally I feel he did it with an awesome intention with pathetic implementation. Standing in queue after 8 long years felt like renewing bus pass , bought me back to my roots. Mean while today Rahul Gandhi also stood in queue with Rs 4000, with Rs 100 notes, why ‘O’ why?

If Demonetization could solve the problem of Black money so be it,  but if doesn’t at least you learnt that money is temporary , if you have a lot right now please do transfer into my account.
For those who have lost a reasonable some of black money, I just want to say “Aj mey upar asma neeche , aj mey age zamana hai peeche.”

For first 2 days of this week major headlines on all the news channels were pollution levels in Delhi and then Trump and Demonetization side tracked this news.

Delhi Pollution also caused a big uproar on social media, with some blaming bursting crackers on Diwali for the smog, others defending bursting crackers on Diwali. Some blamed the farmers in Punjab, some blamed the old diesel cars in the city. Some blamed AAP, some blamed BJP and some blamed poor old Sheila Dixit. I felt like a student caught copying in an exam who blamed his friend who passed the chit.
All the Delhiites are seen wearing a mask, only people who can live in Delhi right now are





Yo! Muffler man

This week was eventful and surely will be remembered for the right and wrong reasons.
Next week promises to be a power packed, hope that everyone will find active ATM’s for your day-to-day needs.

Thank you for the read, look forward to entertain you with next Weekly Ha ha.


Great Indian Pothole

You don’t know how a Pothole looks like? Then my friend you haven’t been to India.

India as a country is divided by its religions and united by its Potholes. If there is anything that is constant from the bi-lanes of Kashmir to the ghat roads of Kanyakumari, it is these Potholes.

According to a research conducted earlier this year, bad roads killed over 10k people in 2015; 3,416 of these deaths are due to potholes. I’m like Ganta terrorism, first let’s save people from potholes.

Every year, thousands of crores are allocated to municipal departments around the country to repair and relay roads. In the early 60’s and 70’s, three things were important Roti, Kapda and makaan. In the today’s India there is only 1 thing that matters the most, which is Connectivity.

Connectivity via transport, communication (I mean easy download of movies online).


Well most of us know that it can’t be solved in a day or two, nor do I see any substantial progress by Municipal Corporation. But as Indians we always have a Jugaad (makeshift solutions).

Jugaad No.1: Use Potholes as a form of art like this gentleman below


Kya Baat , Kya Baat , Kya Baat

Jugaad No.2: Pothole can be used to promote X-Games in the country.


Pothole stunt performed by professionals from Malakpet

Jugaad No. 3: Potholes can be used to study surface of moon this will save ISRO and NASA thousands of Dollars.


Picture of a Pothole from Begumpet

Jugaad No.4: People suffering with anxiety will learn patience while driving on roads filled with potholes. This can be made part of treatment.

Jugaad No.5: All employees who seek challenging work at their office, should be asked to take the road filled with potholes as a part of HR engagement activity.

These are some of solutions which come to my mind, however as Indians we are known to make best use of facilities available.

Now to some of you the above solutions may sound bizarre, which is the same reaction most of the citizens of this country give when they travel on these roads every day.






Complaints raised on this issue are either not heard not are given attention until there is an election round the corner. I’m neither pro- government nor anti-government I’m just a citizen, OMG! I sound like Arvind Kejriwal.

Cities like Amsterdam (no I haven’t been to the place you perverted people are thinking of) roads are repaired faster than time taken to travel from Marredpally to Hitec-city. Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata need to start competing with the international cities.

Tax paid by the common man needs to be made accountable and transparent. Maintenance of roads is one of best ways to showcase it. Let’s not limit our love for country by clicking Troll pages which demean other countries.

All of us work hard to fulfill our personal dreams and ambitions. Let’s give a small fraction of our time on weekends or any one of the weekdays to raise a complain at a local Municipal corporation, use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter not just to stalk girls but also to get the issue of potholes to larger audience, especially media.

Hope you read this article keeping aside all your political inclinations.
Special thanks to my local Municipal Corporation for providing me with wonderful roads which made this article possible.

Today if you are reading this blog, which means you are basically jobless I would urge you to please share my page.

Why so much Pink!

Advertisers have over the years successfully used Women to sell almost everything, yes that also includes Men’s products as well from undergarments to deodorants.
It’s different with me because i neither use undergarments nor do the deodorants have any effect on my sex appeal.

On a serious note i believe advertisers have used women like catalyst, damn! (chemical engineer in me never keeps quite) what i meant is women are used like the product that they are selling to the audience.

Well you might ask what is wrong there? they make money, they are happy, isn’t it?

Here’s my personal experience..

Few months back i remember that i bought some new furniture’s , as soon as the package of furniture’s arrived home, neighborhood uncle who is ready to start a conversation came home. The usual questions did come up like price, need and where did i order these?

Answering to his question i told him that the furniture’s were from Bantia , immediately i could see a creepy smile in his face, his palms running over the furniture repeating “Bantia na nyc nyc.”


Immediately the pictures of Bantia furniture hoarding came to my mind.


Salla Thurkey!

Movie Pink throws light on women issues in country and we all know that there have already been thousands of movies in the country in almost all regional languages focusing on the importance of women rights.

Has it made a difference? sadly the answer is No

word press 4.jpg

Movie made on women rights had a Male lead image is bigger than the Female.

Because some women in the country have accepted the image society has portrayed them they are Good, Sweet, Homely, Pretty, Sexy.

What appalled me over the last few months is the Ad made on shauchalaya , even this Ad needed Vidya Balan, is women’s poop more important than man. Off course i believe that my morning poop carries utmost importance in my life.
Sorry for getting into details, but the point i want to drive home is.

Men and Women have together survived the dinosaurs, wars and sajid khan movies.
Both have unique sense of creativity, strength to survive difficult times and intellect to answer the toughest questions in life. We as a society need to reject brands which portray us incorrectly, parties which build vote bank on gender bias and people who see Men & Women with different spectacles.

Do let me know what you think about my article.